Thursday, April 5, 2007

An Australian Aboriginal Artist Speaks

With the title 'All About Aboriginal Art' who am I? From my profile you will see that I am an indigenous Australian. More to the point I am a Tasmanian Aborigine married to an aboriginal from N.S.W. I have travelled over much of Australia & also resided in the South Pacific. I can speak languages native to that region. Our culture is very varied; I do not claim to know everything, but I am careful to research before I speak. I speak from my heart & can only say what I feel as an Aboriginal person living in this 21st century. I paint to express my aboriginality & my soul. I obey tradition & so paint only what I understand I am allowed to by culture as a Tasmanian & member of my family's tribe. I like to educate people about the many styles of Australian Aboriginal art - so paint as varied as possible. I also paint to educate about my homeland, our history, our culture & what needs to be done to preserve it. I have been inspired by the cave art of my people. This beautiful ancient hand stencil is from a cave in Tasmania. I like to think my ancestors either painted it or knew the artist. If you enjoy this site, please tell your friends about it.